The company is named after two people from whom we have drawn tremendous knowledge throughout our lives- an appropriate name for a business that is all about creating that which inspires us.

We aim to follow our inspiration and take advantage of the tools that the modern world gives us. What’s wonderful about starting a business today is the barriers to entry are so low.  It is easy to get manufacturing and it is exceptionally easy to get your message out.  That gives us the freedom to take this in any direction.

We started with a sneaker after looking at dozens of different ideas, because we had an ah-ha moment.  We thought of something really cool that we couldn’t find anywhere else at a reasonable price point.

We are constantly looking for the next thing but will not settle to sell something for the sake of selling it.  Real inspiration is the standard for Skip & Lee, and as such the rudder for Lily & Nicole.  We are our Father’s Daughters.